Château des Demoiselles : international wedding in Provence

Château des Demoiselles: the story of the wedding

Emily is a young cosmopolitan woman. Born in the United States, with parents of English and Dutch origin. Yet it is in a new country that she decided to make a living, France.

Benjamin, he is a young sporty man, and I weigh my words. Passionate about climbing, he has traveled the world to satisfy his passion. Originally from the French Riviera, he is very attached to his native region.

These two angels met in Monaco, and their idyll sparked. Inseparable, they quickly decided to celebrate their love surrounded by their families and close friends.

They decided that the Château des Demoiselles will be the witness of their love. Nestled in the heart of Provence, this wedding venue has all the assets that the bride and groom are looking for to celebrate their love. An old Provencal farmhouse, vineyards, a chapel, the pleasure of eating outside, … What a pleasure for a French wedding photographer !

Emily decided to get ready in the big room, surrounded by the women of her heart. His mom, grandmother and bridesmaid. She was able to take the time to take advantage of this moment of growing excitement to take advantage of the last moments before the ceremony.

Benjamin was accompanied by his best friends. What better way to hide the stress of the hours ahead than your closest friends. The dressing of the groom allows you to realize what is happening, that the discovery of his wife is fast approaching.

Families and friends were already in the garden of the Château des Demoiselles, impatient to discover the newlyweds.

The wait was short. Emily is on her papa’s arm, at the end of the aisle and Benjamin, he feels that the emotion is at its maximum.

The secular ceremony was filled with joys and love highlighted by the cosmopolitan witnesses of the newlyweds. Many tears, hugs, to celebrate the young couple.

The rest of the wedding at Château des Demoiselles was punctuated by an Australian singer friend of Benjamin who had prepared a small gift for the wedding reception.

Atmosphere Chill, and here the groom and his witnesses take the microphone feeling themselves grow wings. Great atmosphere during the wedding in Provence!

At the end of the day, as the light begins to brown and the rays of the sun amuse themselves on the vineyards, we suggested that the bride and groom take a few minutes to immortalize this moment.

Above all, this allows me to offer a moment out of the stresses, so that my newlyweds can find each other. Only the two of them, in their bubble, so far from everything! 15 minutes of reunion, exchanges, natural love.

The meal was punctuated by the speeches of the parents of the newlyweds. A moment that I like very much, because as the words reason, their eyes start to shine.

The last tears have been dried, it’s off to ignite the dance floor and celebrate the love of Emily and Benjamin as it should be. And at the Château des Demoiselles it is still outside that it happens. No improvised dance or repeated choreography, giggles and big laughs until the end of the night.

Eternal memories are still born today during this wedding at the Château des Demoiselles.

Château des Demoiselles: wedding pictures

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