French Wedding Photographer: Who’s behind it?

I am convinced that one does not become a French wedding photographer by chance. I think that one builds oneself as a person by accumulating the experiences that we have lived throughout our life. Steve Jobs used the expression « Connecting the Dots ».

How can you open up to me if I haven’t opened up to you before?

This is my Story!

My childhood

For a long time I wondered why I decided to be a wedding photographer. I think it all comes from my grandmother Alice. Even after having 3 children, she always took in and raised children who were in need. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother when I was a child and it was she who instilled empathy in me. She preferred to stay in the background but was always available for her children or those around her even though my grandfather had left early. She was an exemplary fighter. She raised two handicapped daughters and a sick son on her own. Alice passed on to me the love of people.

A family of artists

I am fortunate to have a family that has always had a singular relationship with the arts. Indeed I was lucky to have a mother who was a painter, an uncle who was a musician and another with an incredible taste for decoration.

But it was my dad who was a photographer. He was the one who learned to develop his films in the baths. It is a little to get closer to him that I became interested in photography.


The human connection

I started photography with seascapes. I needed to find myself alone in front of nature. At that time, photography represented for me an escape from the real world. As the years went by, I felt the need to add human to my photos. After several attempts with portrait photography or family photography for example I finally found my way with wedding photography. The wedding is the starting point of the construction of a couple and a family and it is for me the most important. Because I want people to feel their love by looking at their pictures as I feel the strength of my grandmother when I look at her pictures.

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