For the future bride and groom who wish to have photos that will REALLY bring them back to their wedding day without making kitsch poses.

D-Day is fast approaching and I’m certainly not the first photographer you’ve come across,

At the same time I understand.

Wedding photographers have their and one wonders if it will really do the trick on the big day.

At the same time it is not nothing.

This is your Wedding,

One of the most beautiful days of your life and your photos must be “PERFECT”.

It’s out of the question to later show your children cheap pictures of your wedding, where you see dad with an embarrassed smile on the pictures.

It wouldn’t be natural, it wouldn’t be authentic, it wouldn’t be you.

Imagine, a few weeks after the wedding, you receive FINALLY, the photos of this very special day.

They will be the most precious memories you will have to project yourself into it and relive it.

And then you realize that the photos do not represent you, they are beautiful, the quality is at the top, but… it’s not you.

The photographer really didn’t understand what you want…

He did things his way, like a wedding among many others….

It’s just one more picture that he will be able to put on his site, and on instagram.

There is no turning back.

That’s why you have to ask yourself this essential question how to find a good photographer?

And Above All

How can I be sure that he will succeed in creating for me the most precious memories of this special day?

That’s right, because on D-Day,

It will be too late to realize it,

It’s all done, and.

A few weeks later…

As a result, you try to track down the best photographer among the thousands of all kinds that are available to you.

What if today you were sure you’d found the right photographer? What would it look like?


Find a photographer who understands you,

Who corresponds to you, with whom there is THE feeling. With whom you feel listened to and who you know has understood what you want for your wedding.

It would be so much more reassuring…  

You know he’ll do a good job,

Quite simply, because you have been listened to, understood and accompanied in the process of your wedding.

And that he looks like you. He is no longer a wedding photographer among so many others…. it has become YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER that of YOUR WEDDING. And you know that he will fit in well with the guests, that he will be discreet and will accompany them in the smooth running of the wedding, without the risk of making embarrassing jokes.

You have peace of mind…

Not only will you be able to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, but you will also be sure to have photos that look just like you,

Natural, authentic photos, photos you are proud of. Proud to show to your friends, To display on your desk, To put on your bedside table,

Proud to share its memories that characterize the day of your union in the eyes of all. Happy to have photos that truly bring you back to your wedding day.

Photos that inaugurate moments in time.

Imagine yourself 30 years later taking out your wedding album and showing your photos to your children. And make them experience your wedding.

What about this?

Simply because you made the choice of a real photographer who will have understood and accompanied you …

Imagine, a person who TRULY takes the time to understand who puts his heart to work, who has understood this importance.

That’s why I created an accompaniment to understand couples better and create photos they will be proud of.

You have understood that I do not ONLY make beautiful photos, I make it a point of honor to accompany the bride and groom to give them photos that resemble them.

And make photography (especially the couple’s moment) a pleasant, stress-free time so that they have more than just to enjoy their wedding.

If you are interested in a performance like this (clearly not for people who like scenic photos and cheaps).

You can contact me with pleasure using the form below.

But before continuing,

Let me show you how things usually work.

1- You contact me via the form below by giving me all the information about your wedding.

Don’t hesitate to give me all the details so that I can represent it well and help you in the best possible way.

2- We organize an appointment by skype or physics if you are in the area to get to know each other better.

It allows us to feel if we have the “feeling”, and talk about your wedding and its unfolding, where are you currently in the preparations? etc…

3- Once the paperwork is done, that’s when my mission beginsand not only on D-day like 90% of other photographers).

This is an important moment for me and my future brides and grooms because this is what will allow me to prepare the ground.

All this thanks to questions (based on several years of experience) that allow me to REALLY be able to promise you a service in your image.

(NB: Other appointments can take place, for example I can accompany you during technical appointments on the domain in order to advise you on the different possibilities of the place and to anticipate the D-day, this is normal for me, and is part of my work as a photographer).

4- The next appointment is the most important: the wedding day.

That’s when it all makes sense.

And let the magic happen… I slip in among your guests.

And melts into the scenery to be able to immortalize all the emotions of joy, surprise and happiness that will be present during your union.


I'm already looking forward to learning more about you, so don't be stingy with details! Mail: // Tel: +33 (0) 6 63 17 34 25


We can only recommend Julien! We called him for our wedding when we didn't know him. He was able to reassure us, and above all to listen to our desires, and our desires (and also what we didn't want). He has the great quality of being able to identify you very quickly and therefore to adapt to you in his way of proceeding so that everything goes as well as possible and in the most natural way possible. The final photos are beautiful, we are absolutely delighted: they perfectly represent the moment and look like us. Julien has an artistic sense that makes his photos so beautiful. We have had a lot of compliments from our guests. Thank you Julien!



A simple person who listens...always reassuring and smiling, a person we count today as a friend.
Julien exceeded our expectations in every way...I am a complicated and demanding person!
So don't think about it, Julien will surely be your ally in the organization of your wedding and a true friend who will live your wedding with you on the day.
If I had to do it all over again, I would make exactly the same choice!



Julien is a professional that we can recommend with our eyes closed.
He has gotten to know us to evaluate exactly our request with simplicity and great sympathy. Julien has been present during our year of preparation advising us with perfect objectivity. His presence on the day itself was reassuring to me and fulfilled his role to perfection. The result is spectacular, magnificent, splendid! He captures all the emotions, details and situations. What a thing to say: Thank you Julien!



Julien is a very attentive photographer. He was discreet on the day, the photos are natural (and obviously splendid) as desired. I fell in love with the Bride and Grooming session, which was a moment of intense emotion that stands out in each of the pictures. Thank you very much, we highly recommend it!







How do you book your date?

Contact me so that we can arrange a meeting together. We will talk about your wedding and my way of working.

Are you present at the technical meetings?

I try as much as possible to be present at your side during technical meetings on the domain. This allows me to advise you on the different possibilities of the place and to anticipate the D-day.

What is your photographic style?

My photographic style is simple and natural. I try my best to blend in with the guests to deliver a timeless result of your most beautiful day.

I am uncomfortable posing for couple photos.

I understand it completely. I take this moment as a break in your day. For you it is above all a moment to find yourself, like in a bubble. I only ask for about twenty minutes. I will make you walk and propose you some natural poses.

Are you proposing a discovery of the bride?

I propose it to all my brides and grooms. It has several advantages. Take a moment just for you two before the rush of the ceremony.
Take the opportunity to take some pictures of the couple according to your schedule.
To follow the end of the preparations with the rest of the day.

How long will it take us to get our photos?

The average delay is 5-6 weeks.

What about publishing the photos on the Internet?

For me, the image rights of the bride and groom are very important. I propose a special contract after your marriage. This contract allows to validate the right or not to the publication of the photos, the duration of use and the place of publication.

Is it possible to order photos from the gallery?

The gallery is indeed designed for that. I leave coupons on the tables for private access to the gallery, so you don't have to send hundreds of emails to your guests. All profits from the gallery go to the association C Ke du Bonheur, which helps families when their children are hospitalized.

What's in the Linen Box?

It is a personalized box with your first names. It contains the USB key as well as mini books or prints.
In the USB key, there are the photos in HD and the Slideshow. The Slideshow is a video/slideshow that shows you how I made the album of your wedding.

What is a Fine Art Album?

I propose handmade albums with a personalized linen cover.
The Fine Art designation designates a paper of excellent quality combined with specific inks to have the most prestigious look.